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I've always been fascinated by how things work and how to make them better. As a kid I was constantly building new things or taking stuff apart to see how it worked (luckily my parents supported my curiosity). My love of design today is very much an extension of that. Design is how things works as well as how they look.

In the mid 90's I started designing web sites. I remember vividly the day Flash 1.0 came out. It was a whole new world of what could be done on the web. As the years went by I explored the limits of motion and interactivity that Flash and the web could support.

When the iPhone was first announced, like many, I was amazed at the new world laid out in front of us. I started designing iPhone apps as soon as iOS 2 opened it up. With the mobile app market exploding, I've looked to make apps as beautiful and easy to use as possible. Inspired by how Apple has finally shown the world that design should drive engineering and that you can win by prioritizing amazing customer experience.